Valley Health  Profile

Medical Director: Dr Castellanos                 424-6655

Executive  Director:     Amy  CADAC-1                         424-6655 ext. 14

Program Manager:   Stephanie LVN, RADT-1      424-6655 ext. 11

Administrative  Assistant: Samantha             424-6655 ext. 16

Nursing/Dosing: Brianna, LVN                       424-6655 ext. 15

Counselor, Michael  RADT-1                            424-6655  ext. 12

Counselor, MFT:  Tim                                       424-6655   ext. 13

Reception Desk                                                   424-6655 ext. 10

CODE-A-PHONE                                            424-6655  ext. 24 


Valley Health Associates is a licensed, certified and accredited agency:

Licensed by: State of CA, Dept. of Alcohol & Drug Programs, Narcotic Treatment Branch and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Certified by: State of CA: Dept. of Alcohol & Drug Programs, Outpatient Programs and Monterey County Behavioral Health Division; Dept. of Alcohol & Drug Programs.


Accredited by CARF – The Commission of the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Services, Narcotic Treatment Programs certification.


VHA has contracts with :

  • Monterey County Health Dept., Behavior Health Division Alcohol & Drug Programs
  • United States Probation Dept., Northern District of California
  • United States Pretrial Services, Northern District of California
  • United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, Northern District of California

VHA Board of Directors:

President: John Affinito

Treasurer: Jeannie Pedersen

Member: Cindi Ball